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EarthxFilmYouth Reports is a video series produced by EarthxFilm for the virtual EarthxFilm Festival (April 22-27, 2020) celebrating the 50th anniversary Earth Day and EarthxFilmYouth Reports needs your help! We are looking for environmental experts and aspiring anchors and reporters.

EarthxFilmYouth Anchors (ages 10-23) will have the opportunity to interview environmental experts, climate activists, and planet heroes through the virtual video call application - Zoom. Auditions for the 2nd round of segments will take place starting May 26, 2020. The first segments will be produced in time to be used for EarthxOcean June 9&10, 2020. Email to schedule your audition. Planet911 Reporters (ages 10-22) will submit short video showcasing various environmental issues impacting their community to be included in the virtual EarthxFilm Festival showcase.

Environmental experts will have the opportunity to be interviewed and to share their knowledge with our EarthxFilmYouth Anchors. Environmental experts are encouraged to discuss their organization's mission.

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