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I'm so glad that you're interested in this group! It will be an amazing experience, you will laugh, you will learn, you might cry, and you might just make some new mom friends!

Please fill out this form to join the Online New Parent Support Group run by Fiona Griffin. You will get an email confirmation that you are registered after you submit the form with information about payment options.
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Group Expectations and Limitations
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Fiona Griffin is a Licensed Clinical mental health counselor who does provide mental health treatment to individuals. This group is not mental health treatment, but a support group where the needs of all group members must be balanced. As a group member you're invited to share openly and honestly so that you may feel a sense of connection, compassion, and support from and with other group members. *
As a group member you must also share the space with other group members by providing supportive responses when appropriate and offering quiet and attentive listening at other times. *
Risks Associated with Group Participation
Sometimes an individual will uncover information about themselves during the group process that is uncomfortable or painful. The focus of this group is support, parenting skills, and community. Group members must acknowledge that we will be talking about sensitive and personal topics. Group members may become triggered by hearing about other members' experiences. *
Group members are expected to keep the information shared in the group confidential. Group members should also understand that the group leader cannot guarantee confidentiality due to her lack of ability to control what other people do or say outside of the group. *
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
This group is open to any individual who is a new parent and diversity is valued by the group leader. Participants of the group must aspire to be anti-racist in their actions and inclusive in their language. Issues of race, class, religion, poverty, gender, sexuality, physical ability and more are important components of any new parent's experience and thus are welcomed as topics of discussion in group session. It is not imperative that you get it right all the time but that your heart is in the right place and that you are open to growing. *
What happens next?
Thank you so much for your interest in the group. I know that this will be a game changer for you.

Fiona will reach out to you via email to confirm your registration, share the zoom link, and arrange payment.
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