Volunteer to be a walk leader!
Thank you very much for volunteering to be one of our walk leaders!
We are reliant on volunteers to lead our walks, so any walks you offer will be much appreciated!

Please fill out this form to register as one of our walk leaders. You only have to fill out this form once. This means that you will only need to provide your email address when you submit a walk.

By completing this form, you consent for us to store your details in connection with your role as a walk leader. If you need to update any of these details, or wish for your details to be removed, please email the walk bookings team.
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Email address *
You will need to provide this email address every time you submit a walk.

This will be kept for internal use only, and will NOT be shared – unless you also enter the same address below to show on the website.

Committee members: please use your personal email addresses to avoid confusion.
First name *
Surname *
Phone number *
Details to register you as a Ramblers volunteer
For insurance purposes, all walk leaders need to be Ramblers members and registered as Ramblers volunteers. The details you provide here will be used to register you as such on the volunteer portal Assemble.
Ramblers membership number *
Details to show on our website
Name to show on website *
This is the name which will be visible to everyone who looks at our website. Usually, people choose just to use their first names e.g. “Sam”, unless there are several walk leaders with the same first name e.g. “Dan H”.
Phone number to be emailed to walkers *
Please provide the number which walkers can use to contact you regarding your walks.

This will no longer be displayed on the website, instead, this will be emailed to people who sign up for your walk, in their confirmation email.

This number should be a mobile number on which people can contact you on the day of the walk if necessary.

Most leaders use their usual number, but if you are concerned about sharing this, consider using a cheap second pay-as-you-go phone or SIM.
Email address to show on website
Please provide an email address to display on the website, if you are happy for walkers to contact you via email. If you do not provide an email, the walk page will show walkbookings@berkshirewalkers.co.uk as the contact email.
Social media preferences
Would you like to be added to the walk leader WhatsApp group?
Please enter the phone number to be added, or leave blank if you do not wish to be added. This is an informal place for you to ask questions about leading walks, share ideas and hear about the latest opportunities from the committee.
To find your Meetup profile link... www.meetup.com/BerkshireWalkers
Meetup profile link
If you have a meetup account, we can add you as an event host for your walks. This will allow you to respond to questions about your walk and interact with the people who have signed up. The Berkshire Walkers committee will also host the event, and look out for questions. Please provide a link to your profile, or leave blank if you do not wish to be added.
Are you happy for us to mention you in social media? *
We currently use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote group activities, and may add other social media platforms in future. Please tick all that apply.
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