__BIG APPLE__4-week class
The Big Apple is one of the challenges in a Lindy Hopper's life :)
I am so excited to work on it with you!
Let’s take it apart together and get back into dancing and moving!

//___THURSDAYS___19:45-20:45___//___45 EUR___//
//___13 May // 20 May // 27 May // 03 June___//

>> 60 min classes online in zoom
>> recorded tutorials + recaps
>> additional practice in the park possible (depending on Covid Situation)
>> personal feedback (sent me a video, 60sec or less)
>> lovely community <3

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*** if you are part of the performance group, the class is included in your programm; you automaticaly paricpate, no need to sign up or do anything***
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___Q: "What can I expect in this class?"___
A: In this class you will learn the routine through a combination of zoom session and recorded tutorials.
You will be supported in your own practice with reminders (if you wish), tips for how to practice alone and personal feedback.
The history of the routine as part of African American Jazz heritage will be connected to the moves.
___Q: "I feel insecure, is this class for me?"___
A: YES! Everyone is welcome. As the Big Apple is a bit challenging, it might be easier if you have done some solo jazz before. If you have no experience, you might need to spend more time practicing some basic moves. I am happy to support you with ressources and support your learning, but you yourself need to honour your practice.
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Why would you like to participate in this class? (Feel free to be honest. All reasons are good reasons :) I want you to be in touch with your own goals <3 ) *
if you know some of these moves, please check the box. (They are not a pre-requisite, this info helps me tailor the class for you!!!)
Payment: ___please pay through PayPal until the 15.05.21.___(45EUR)___use the link: https://paypal.me/bananaramahanna *
anything else you want to say
"I can not wait, gimme something wo watch!!!"
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