Anti-Choice Activity in Niagara Reporting Form
Please tell us about the anti-choice activity you wish to report. You may leave any field blank. Your responses will be viewable by members of Niagara Reproductive Justice (NRJ).
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What was the activity?
Please elaborate on your experience, if applicable, or feel free to provide as much additional detail here as possible (e.g. if you have a sense of how long they were there for, which websites are on their signs, number of people, etc)
Would you like to tell us more about how this experience made you feel? These testimonials are useful for creating a record of the harm caused by the anti-choice presence in our community.
Do you consent to having your responses shared anonymously by NRJ?
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Would you like somebody from Niagara Reproductive Justice to follow up with you about this experience? (If yes, please provide your contact information above)
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If you are not already part of the Rapid Response Network (a branch of NRJ that notifies members in a group chat about anti-choice protesters and responds with counterprotesting), are you interested in becoming a member or learning more? If you are, please provide your name and email
If you received any anti-choice material (leaflets, pamphlets), please take a picture of it and send it to
Lastly, how did you come across this reporting form?
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