Student Feedback For H 2018-2019
Dear HACTC Students:


Would you mind taking a few minutes to complete the following survey to provide me feedback on my leadership of our school?

The survey is eight questions long and completely anonymous.

I take the information from this survey very seriously and make the responses public for a lot of people to see. I value your opinion greatly and will reflect on the feedback over the summer, using it to help me serve future students of the HACTC better.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide me feedback.



Is it easy to access H, especially if you have a concern or a problem?
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Do you feel comfortable approaching H with a concern or problem?
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Does H listen well when you approach him with a concern or a problem?
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Does H provide an appropriate example for the HACTC Mission Statement of 'Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow.'?
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Does H communicate clearly with you and the other students at the HACTC?
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Does H meet your definition and expectations as a leader? *
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Does H handle difficult and/or challenging situations well?
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Please provide H with one suggestion that would help him improve his leadership of the HACTC (visibility, discipline, student relationship, etc.).
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Is there anything else that was not asked in this survey regarding H's leadership that you would like to provide feedback on?
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