Senseless Hearts (The Caplin Brothers #2)
Below is the review request for Senseless Hearts, due for release on October 25th, 2016!


We swiftly fell into an infatuation so deep our insecurities were ignored. We became lost in one another, not realizing those insecurities were morphing into a poisonous force that would destroy us.
Effort doesn’t always end in success.
Love doesn’t always equal happily ever after.
You give your all for a relationship thinking it matters, thinking the effort you give will be returned, and when it isn’t, you’re left in pieces.
People build walls around themselves so they aren’t so vulnerable to the world.
Sometimes, you just wish you were worth opening the door for.
Years after a mutual breakup, Nate and Sara are separately navigating their lives.
Nate is engaged to be married while Sara has a promising job opportunity thousands of miles away.
But, suddenly, their lives intersect and past feelings come crashing into the present. Will they ignore what they feel? Or will their senseless hearts prevail?

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