Apply to join the NYCAASC 2019 executive board!
The New York City Asian American Student Conference--or NYCAASC (pronounced NYE-sak!) for short--is an organization dedicated to bringing students from all throughout New York City together to educate and encourage them to think critically about Asian American issues such as gentrification, diversity in media, and more. We hope to empower Asian American students to enact change within their respective communities in lasting and meaningful ways.

We started our annual conference as a safe space for students of all backgrounds and identities to learn about and discuss Asian American issues. Through a jam-packed program of engaging speakers, interactive workshops, and moving performances, we hope that students leave our conference with a clearer understanding of their own identities, a greater sense of community, and a drive to build a better and more inclusive Asian America.

For more info about NYCAASC’s mission, check out
To see what our conference looked like in 2018, check out

Young adults who are seeking an opportunity to grow, learn, and create community!
Passion for Asian American issues, activism, identity, history, etc.
Diligent, motivated go-getters who can work in a fast-paced environment
Leaders with a vision for the Asian American community

For a full list of committees and their responsibilities, visit:

Applications close Saturday, November 17 at 11:59 PM. If you have trouble meeting this deadline, please let Richard ( or Julia ( know!

Who is eligible to apply for the eboard?
Must be: Current undergraduate, graduate, or high school students
Preferred: Currently living in the NYC metropolitan area
Preferred: Prior experience in a leadership position in a club or other organization

We welcome applicants of any background--not just Asian American-identifying folks--including race, gender, class, ability, immigration status, etc!

Want to learn more about NYCAASC? Check out our website at or our Facebook page @NYCAASC!

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For a full list of committees and their responsibilities, visit:

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