Facility Request Form
All requests for use of Brainerd Public Schools facilities are processed by Community Education. Once submitted, you will be contacted about providing a Certificate of Insurance and, if applicable, a Concessions Request form and ST3 form. Rentals are considered approved when the user has submitted all forms and received an Estimate of Fees.
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All organizations claiming the tax-exempt rate will be required to provide a ST3 form.
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Requestors will be provided with an estimate of rental costs prior to events. A final invoice will be sent after the event.
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Please only one event/activity per form. Multiple dates for the same event/activity can go on one form.
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Use the month/day/year format for every date included in this event.
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Please specify the quantity of any equipment you need.
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There may be an additional fee for Technology Staff to set-up and/or assist with technology use.
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