College of Education Amazing Student nomination form
To provide some special recognition to high-achieving College of Education students, the College posts an Amazing Student profile monthly on the student services page.

The process: A COE faculty or staff member, who works closely with students, may nominate a student using the form below. If the criteria are met, a communications team member will contact the student about how to submit the profile and will arrange for a photographer to take a photo of the student.

We strive to get a full representation of students from across the College.

The criteria: Nominees can be Amazing Students for a wide range of reasons, but we want well-rounded students whose accomplishments extend beyond the classroom. There needs to be something- preferably multiple factors- that makes the nominee stand out. The nominator can provide details in the nomination form, but the primary criteria are:

• Outstanding academic credentials
• Scholarship (research and/or creative activity)
• Honors, awards and scholarships
• Community service
• Leadership positions
• Significant participation in student organization(s)
• Overcame major obstacles to succeed in college
• Volunteer/ service-learning work
• Other related factors will be considered, but they must relate directly to the student's work or involvement at UGA

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