THE D+G New England Vending Application August 16th - 18th, 2019, Hartford, CT
Filling out this application is required, but does not guarantee your acceptance, to vend at:

THE Dungeons + Geekdoms: New England
August 16th - 18, 2019
Hartford, Connecticut

PLEASE NOTE: Our weekend has CHANGED!! We moved weekends to not compete with several events, that pull some our demographics away from us. We are hoping for a sharp increase in attendance, because of this!!

This is the vendor application form for THE D+G New England for 2019. Please note, the event has changed ownership and has been re-branded, but our intent is to still appeal to the same demographic (kink and geek) so plan accordingly.

There will be some policy changes with the new event, so please ready through the application carefully.

Almost all vending will be room vending with a few spaces for tables. There will be NO large booths available at this event so that we can conserve space for our dungeon, demonstrations, and other programming.

Vending at GKE or GKE: New England in the past does not guarantee acceptance for THE Dungeons + Geekdoms.

Vending fees start at $295 (for table top) and $425 for Guest room Vending (plus all hotel room charges).

Applications close Feb 28th, 2019. Applications received after Feb 28th will be automatically wait listed. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status (accepted, wait listed, declined) by May 30, 2019. The wait list will be non-linear, meaning our decisions will be based on keeping the vendors selection balanced, *not* based on who applied first.

NOTE: After our initial round of acceptances, we will be added additional venders from our wait list, as we hit certain bench marks based on our pre-reg sales. Our goal is to keep the attendee / vendor ratio reasonable, so that you, the vendors, want to come back!!!

Payment will be due within 2 weeks of the date of invoice for accepted vendors. If a vendor has not made payment or made arrangements for delayed payment within 2 weeks of invoice date, their space will open up to other applicants and the original vendor will be placed on the wait list. Delayed payments require a 50% non-refundable deposit, due by the original invoice due date.

Thank you! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you at THE Dungeons + Geekdoms!

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