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Dear Members/ Friends,

I wish to thank all of you for your generous support over the past years.Beause of your generous donations, the temple looks wonderful. The Buddha hall, new bathrooms and kitchens are now complete .Thank you all for that.

Currently the amount of donations coming from you all is sufficient to cover the temple's expenses. I thank you for keeping up with your donations and would like to say temple day to day temple expenses goes well. Recently, there is a request by the mortgage loan owner Shani Wije asking to pay off our loan a little faster. Everyone would benefit by us paying off the mortgage sooner but we cannot allow our current donations to be used for this because the current donations are not enough to maintain the temple and to pay off the mortgage faster.

So,We have developed a plan to pay off the mortgage and feel that this would be the easiest way to accomplish the it while maintaining the temple. If each supporting member/family would be able to donate an extra $250 or $300 per year in addition to what you pay monthly to the temple, it is likely that we can pay off the remaining mortgage in approximately five years. Currentl the mortgage balance is $70,000. With this additional donations, we can pay an extra $10,000 each year toward the pay-off.

This would make the mortgage owner’s request possible as well as provide us with a great amount of freedom. Even though I am hesitant to ask for additional donations, if you can consider giving 250$ 0r $300 per year in addition to what you are contributing today, that would mean a great deal to the temple and all its members.

Thank you,

With Metta,
Bhante Ananda

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