On-Campus Housing Wait List 2018-2019
Please add your name to the On-Campus Housing Wait List if you would like to live on campus during the 2018-2019 academic year but are not eligible to participate in housing selection*.

This wait list is for returning students only. Incoming students in the Class of 2022 are guaranteed on campus housing and will receive instructions for completing the Housing Application online in mid-May 2018. Incoming freshmen undergraduate students should not sign up on the On-Campus Housing Wait List.

Signing up on the On-Campus Housing Wait List doesn't guarantee that you will be offered a space in the Residence Hall. Residence Life will offer students on the wait list spaces on campus, if they are available, after incoming students receive their housing assignments.

Residence Life will notify wait list students as soon as a space becomes available for them starting in mid-July. However, it is difficult to predict when a space will become available because spaces may only become available through cancellations. The Resident Director will keep in touch with wait list students regularly (approximately every two weeks) starting in mid-May to keep them up-to-date about where the housing assignment process stands. If it is possible to begin offering spaces sooner, Residence Life will do so.

Every effort will be made to honor housing accommodations granted to students who are on the wait list. However, Residence Life cannot guarantee that any space that becomes available will meet students' accommodation needs.

*Only freshmen students who currently live in the Residence Hall during the 2017-2018 academic year are eligible to participate in Housing Selection; all other students are not eligible and can only receive on campus housing through the wait list.

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