Nexpert Coaching™ Assessment
Thank you for your interest in the High Achievers® Nexpert Coaching™ Program. Please know that your responses to this assessment and this conversation are confidential.

What is Business Coaching? A business coach works with a client/entrepreneur to help them maximize their efforts for the optimum results. Coaching could include advising, consulting, teaching, brainstorming, and anything that helps a client get the results they need and desire.

Coaching does not include doing the work for the client. In some cases, the client may need a specific service provider, and this would entail a separate agreement between the client and the service provider. Some examples of areas that might require an outside professional would be legal work, accounting, specific marketing services, etc. We believe that coaching the client in all areas of their business and life will enhance their business success. We teach entrepreneurs the Six F’s: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun, Finance, Field.

What is Nexpert Coaching™? We provide a client with a business specialist in specific areas of business advisement. Once we assess the needs of a client, we pair the client with a specific expert coach (Nexpert) who will provide coaching in their deficit area. Once that need has been resolved, the client would then move to the next expert (Nexpert) to resolve the next needed area. The faculty would work as a team to benefit the client in their business growth journey.

The coaching process allows an individual the opportunity to have support while learning how to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. There are three fundamental attributes of a High Achievers® Nexpert coach:
A desire to help the client learn things they don’t know.
A desire to help the client see things they don’t see. To help them find their blind spots. A good coach acts as a mirror to give insight into a deeper awareness of unique strengths and weaknesses.
To be a catalyst for them to do things with accountability that are consistent with their goals and vision.

These three things provide accountability for our clients to embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

Your Nexpert Coaching™ Engagement Includes:

-Monthly 1:1 coaching session (6-month minimum)

-Two (2) coaching sessions per month. Each session is held over the phone or video conference.

-Coaching sessions are 60 minutes per session. Each session includes your access to our High Achievers My Achievement Dashboard (cloud-based coaching platform) to record your action steps and plans, goals, and track your improvements.

-Access to the High Achievers Coaching Network® of over 31 Nexpert Coaches representing over 130 business areas of expertise.

-Local High Achievers Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ membership
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