Customer Service Standards
This questionnaire is to get you thinking about the experience you have as customers at Marjon.
Thinking about your experience of customer service at Marjon, would you say it's better than other places, such as shops, restaurants and utility providers, or not as good? *
Much worse
Much better
Do some areas of Marjon offer better service than others? *
If you have any experiences at Marjon which made you feel especially valued or undervalued, please tell us when and why they were so memorable.
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Can you recall an excellent, memorable example of customer service outside of Marjon and tell us why it was so good. E.g. shops, restaurants, utility providers etc.
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Can you recall a bad, memorable example of customer service outside of Marjon and tell us why it was so bad.
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Do you know how you might give feedback on the service you receive at Marjon? *
Would you feel comfortable to give feedback on the service you receive? *
If you have given feedback before, do you feel that staff take your requests or feedback seriously and act on them?
If you have anything to add on this question, comment below.
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How does your university experience compare to how you imagined it before you started at Marjon?
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Do you feel that you are getting good value for money from Marjon? *
Not at all
Why do you think this?
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If you’re interested in taking part in a discussion, where you will receive a free lunch and an Amazon voucher, about how we might improve our customer service, please leave your email address here. (We will only hold your details to communicate with you about the groups, and will not contact you again after that. We will delete your details from this survey and will not link them to your answers on the survey. The focus groups will be at 12 noon on Monday 19th March and 12.30pm on Thursday 22nd March. Leaving your details doesn’t commit you to attending but we will contact you with further details.)
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