SSB Crusade Development Application
Apply to join the Crusade team and work on the game's development!
Are you registered on the Crusade forum? If so, what is your username? *
If you have changed your username over time, include old names you may be better known by.
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Smash Background
What was the first smash game you ever played? *
How long have you been playing smash games? Do you still play them regularly? *
How long have you been playing and/or following SSB Crusade? *
Which smash games do you have experience with? Which characters do you play as? Describe your overall smash background. *
Fan games such as SSBC or SSF2 can be included here.
Crusade Development
Do you have any past experience with game development? If so, describe in detail. *
Include any relevant links or information to games you have worked on, your role in development, and any other important details.
Why do you want to join the Crusade team? *
Which team would you like to apply for? *
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