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Buni Divaz is a group of empowered Tanzanian girls, the aim is to encourage and recruit more girls and young women from secondary schools and universities to embrace and explore the potential that lies within the ICT and Entrepreneurship sector.
Buni Divaz is a part of the Buni Hub Community. Buni Divaz intends to inspire more girls to recognize tech-preneurship as a personal development platform as a result Buni Divaz aims at encouraging girls to use ICT as a way of:

1. Generating income by being technology entrepreneurs
2. Offering mentoring and guidance to Buni Divaz through custom-tailored mentor sessions, trainings and events

Buni Divaz has programmes that helps ladies to be able to apply skills into the real world by solving community problems. Buni Divaz have different trainings, bootcamps and hackathons where helps to meet other ladies who are in the same field to brainstorm, hack and come up with new ideas and then Buni Divaz, also with the support from Buni, helps to provide mentorship of the ideas by moving them from ideas to businesses.

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