College Access Team SY21 Launch Training Post-Survey
PLEASE NOTE: This post-survey is only for APS Counselors/Site Liaisons/Graduation Coaches, CAC Advisers, and OneGoal PDs. If you are a CAWG member or Achieve Atlanta Staff member, you do not need to complete this survey.

Thank you for participating in our College Access Team SY21 Launch Training.

As we transition to a virtual training space, your feedback is especially important to us.

Please complete this brief post-survey to share your experience of participating in today’s training.

Just a reminder about anonymity: We will ask for your school below so that we can group CAT surveys by school, but we have removed all other personally identifying questions and will not know who is filling it out, so please be as honest as possible.

We appreciate all of your hard work as well as your feedback and look forward to working with you this school year.
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