Mr.Faizal ESP Final assignment
Dear My students attending my ESP Lecture.
This is your final task. Write a five (5) pages Essay along with the list of reference describing one of these topics.
1. The history/development of ESP. e.g The state of the art of ESP all over the world.
2. Language description and ESP e.g The Great role of Linguistics study in ESP teaching.
3. Psychology, theories of Learning and ESP e.g. Theories of Learning & ESP at the cross roads.
4. Approaches to course design and ESP in Indonesia
5. Teaching Strategy & Methodology and ESP e.g: The use of Hypno-teaching in ESP teaching.
6. The role of ESP teacher in Indonesia.
7. The challenge and solution of ESP teaching in Indonesia
8. Example of ESP Syllabus and Lesson plans (RPP)
a. English for Hotel staffs Syllabus & Lesson Plans.
b. English for Taxi Drivers Syllabus & Lesson Plans.
c. English for the new convert of Islam/Mu’allaf Syllabus & Lesson Plans.
d. English for Aviation/Flight attendants Syllabus & Lesson Plans.
e. English for Pesantren Syllabus & Lesson Plans.
The above are only example and you may choose your own example of ESP syllabus and Lesson plans.
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