"Muhammad (saw) - the Perfect Man" Read Along Series - Quiz #6
The following is the bi-weekly quiz associated with the Read-Along Series for the period of January 13th, 2020 - January 24th, 2020. All questions can be answered based upon the content presented in the bi-weekly video series. Feel free to refer back to the video (attached below for your ease), or the readings, throughout the duration of the quiz, if you aren't sure about a particular answer.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your local Nazim Taleem, Regional Nazim Taleem, or the MKA National Taleem Department directly at taleem@mkausa.org

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Or use the link below to access the PDF version of the reading:
Episode 7
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How long was the journey of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), through the scorching desert, from Mecca to Tai’f? *
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Sir William Muir, a European orientalist, compares the Prophet (saw) to which Hebrew prophet, when discussing his fervor in Tabligh (propagation of Islam)? *
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When the Prophet (saw) brought the message of Islam to the Chieftains of Tai’f, what was the response that he received? *
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What was the primary means by which you obtained the material for this week's quiz? (Select all that apply) *
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