Join our heroes!
Through this application you are applying for "Symposium" an outdoor Youth Exchange.

The project happens from 3rd to 10th of May, 2018 (excluding travel days).

Before applying read our info pack and in case you have any questions contact your sending organisation or write to us via e-mail:

Application form has 3 parts:
1. General info about you
2. Information for your contact person in case of emergencies
3. Specific questions for this Youth Exchange

If you would like to be a group leader or team member, write that in notes and we will contact you separately about this subject.

Are you coming with us?

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Name *
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Surname *
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Date of birth *
Gender *
Phone number *
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Country of Residence *
Nationality *
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Does any of these apply to you? *
We wish to give equal opportunities to everyone. If you face any obstacles, please indicate, so we can also ensure diversity in our group.
Do you have valid insurance in Greece? *
Diet *
All meals provided within Hopeland are vegetarian. If you have any other specific diet, let us know.
List all allergies you know you have (food, any bug bites etc.)
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Name & surname of contact person *
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Phone number *
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E-mail *
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Your relationship with the person *
Friend, sibling, parent etc.
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Languages person speaks *
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My current physical health condition is... *
Indicate also any past traumas, any medication you use etc. (We ask this, so we can ensure equity in the group - we then prepare the program so everyone can be included)
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My motivation to participate in this project is... *
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What would you like to learn? *
Hint - project is about inclusion and equity and we aim to re-discover diversity
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My experience in outdoors is... *
Do you hike? Do you camp outside? What skills do you have? What does outdoors bring to you? How do you feel in nature?
Your answer
My experience in any kind of role-play and simulation games is... *
Live Action Role Play (LARP), RPG, MMORPG, simulation games etc. If you do not know what these mean - no worries :)
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My experience in media is... *
You shoot short movies - great (bring your camera!). Love telling the world about your actions - amazing. Tweet, blog, vlog and so on - send us some links! Have no clue what was written before - let us know by sending a letter or postcard
Your answer
My experience in any kind of crafts is... *
Do you make clothes? Maybe you sculpt? Or maybe can make tools like bow or axe? Maybe music instruments?
Your answer
Anything else you would like to tell us
Want to be a group leader or team member- tell us! If yes - you might be more involved in creation process of the whole experience. If you want to develop more such skills as leadership, facilitation, supporting other people - this might be for you :)
Your answer
That's it. That's all!
We might contact you to clarify any information provided, in case you have been selected or in case you haven't (also be ready that we might call you, EU no-roaming is wonderful!).
We hope to finish the selection process till early April. In any case feel free to contact us.
p.s. Have friends, siblings or people you know who might benefit from this Youth Exchange? Spread the word :)
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