Manasquan UMC Re-Opening Survey
Thank you for telling us your thoughts as we figure out how to safely re-open Manasquan UMC. The survey results will be combined with the work of our Re-Opening Team to bring our Worship Services back to our Sanctuary.

Please respond by Friday Evening June 19th
1. When Manasquan UMC is able to reopen, my plan is
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2. Probably when we first reopen it will be a family service only. This means no nursery or separate children’s church and families would sit together while social distancing from other attenders. Would this information affect your response on coming to church
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3. What precautions, if any, should be taken when we return to a worship service? Select all that apply
4. In addition to the lifting of guidance for public gatherings, are there other signals you would want to see before you attend a worship service at church? Select all that apply
5. If initially there was only going to be one onsite worship service on Sunday what is your first choice for Worship Time? (the Online Service will also continue)
6. Later, after our initial opening, would you be willing to allow your children/grandchildren to attend a Nursery or Children’s Church during our regular Worship Service?
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7. After this time of social-distancing and online worship, what do you think will be the change to your pattern of worship?
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8. Your age range is:
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9. How long have you attended Manasquan UMC?
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