Evaluation of Play in the Professional Practice
The Action "LUDI–Play for Children with Disabilities" is a pan-European network funded by the European Program COST (www.cost.eu/TD1309) dedicated to the theme of play for children with disabilities, integrating more than 100 researchers and practitioners from 32 countries.
One of the tasks of the Action, managed by Working Group no. 1, is to gather information about existing methodologies and tools for evaluation of play in different fields: Occupational therapy, Neurosciences, Pediatrics, Psychology, Special Education, ICT.
To this purpose, a short survey has been organized, addressed to practitioners who used play in their practice.
Your answers will provide us a very valuable information about useful methodologies and instruments for evaluation of play in children with disabilities.
You may find more information about LUDI at http://ludi-network.eu

For more information about the LUDI Action and this survey please contact:
Chair: Serenella Besio (ludi@univda.it)
WG1 Coordinators of the survey: Vaska Stancheva-Popkostadinova (v_stancheva@abv.bg) & Daniela Bulgarelli (d.bulgarelli@univda.it)

August 2017
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1) When you use play in your professional activities with children:
Please, answer to the following questions considering play in the sense you have checked before.
2) Do you evaluate play in your current practice with children?
3) In your practice, what do you find most useful for the evaluation of play?
4) Which assessment instruments and/or methodology do you use for the evaluation of play? Please, report about a maximum number of 3 tools/methodologies (that can be standardized or not). Please, write the full name and authors of the tool.
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5) Why do you choose and use this instrument? Which characteristics of this tool make you adopt and use it? Please, explain for each tool reported for Question 4.
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6) Do you recommend this as a good instrument for the practice? Please, explain for each tool reported for Question 4.
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Thank you for your answers!
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