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Preferred pronouns
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If applying as  group, name of group and other participating artists
For an individual artist: identifier and affiliation, if any, that you would like listed in public materials if you are selected (e.g. membership in a collective, university affiliation, etc.) For example, "Maria Lee, Sculptor, Egret Collective")
Mailing Address
Phone Number
URL of your website or portfolio, if any
Project Name
Project Location (please print one of the maps found in the Application Information PDF found on application website, mark location on the map, and submit as part of the PDF application materials required in addition to this Google Form; also write the name or description of the location here)
Project genre
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Experience, if any, doing site-specific work
Project Concept. 1)What will you make/do;  2)How does the project illuminate the topography, location, materials, natural systems, human history, or other aspects of the site; 3) How does the project relate to the theme of RESILIENCE?
Approximate dimensions of work
Materials from site to be used
Imported materials to be used
I would like to attend an optional site+history tour on the following date(s) (we will contact you to follow up) (If you want to sign up prior to submitting this application, email albanybulbinfo@gmail.com. Tours will take place only if there are signups in advance.)
I agree to de-install the project by July 31, 2019
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If no, explain why (e.g. the project is a painting on concrete, or is made of leaves that will naturally blow away)
I understand that I may be obliged to alter my project during the design or after installation, following discussion with the organizers, if it poses safety hazards or possible harms to the environment, humans, or animals. Hazards will be determined by the organizers.
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I understand that this is an unprotected site and my work will be vulnerable to vandalism and the elements, and that Love the Bulb takes no responsibility for damage to the work. If the deterioration of the work causes a safety or environmental hazard, I agree to remedy the hazard or remove it as soon as possible.
I understand that I must transport materials in and out of the site from the parking lot without the aid of motorized vehicles, and that I must dispose of materials after de-installation off-site at my own expense.
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