City Hall Fellows 2018-2019 San Francisco Mentor Application
Please note that, if selected for the 2018-2019 San Francisco Mentorship Program, you are required to commit to:

Mentor Training Call in late October / early November 2018.
Kickoff event in San Francisco in November 2018
Midpoint event in January 2019
Completion event in San Francisco in May 2019
At least 6 one-on-one mentorship meetings or calls over the course of the seven-month program

Please confirm you are interested in being a CHF mentor. If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please return to the City Hall Fellows website and choose the mentee application. *
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What are specific areas of expertise you could help others develop in (e.g. public finance, budgeting, community engagement, excel analysis, etc.)? *
The CHF Mentorship Program is designed to build future leaders in local government who will act as servant leaders in their communities. Please describe one or more examples of how you see your service in local government has positively impacted your city community. *
Mentees are expected to make at least five new career connections, and mentor introductions are key to achieving these. Briefly describe the types of people in your local government network that you would be willing to put a mentee in touch with (e.g. roles, departments, experience). *
OPTIONAL: Upload your resume (PDF or Word). We understand that mentors who have been working in their organization for a period of years may not have an up-to-date resume. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile can substitute for a resume. If matched with a mentee, we will ask you to update your resume so that you can share it as an example.
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