Swell Network DAO: Verified Node Operator Application
Swell Network DAO has opened an inaugural Application Round to onboard a selected and limited number of node operators to become Verified Node Operators on the liquid ETH staking network.

The DAO is seeking experienced, and proven operators who are interested in shaping the protocol’s next-generation ETH liquid staking by running nodes and participating in governance.

Applications are now open and will be closing soon.
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Node Operator Name *
Please write down the name of the Node Operator provider.
Node Operator Representative *
Please provide the contact name and position within the entity.
Node Operator Representative Contact Details *
Please provide the relevant contact information for the representative, including email. Also, Telegram and Discord handles, if available.
Entity Website *
Please provide your main website link and any relevant socials.
Description of Staking Activities *
Please describe at high-level your current staking activities. This may include but is not limited to: supported networks, experience in interfacing with liquid staking protocols, current number of validators, expected number of validators in 6-12 months time, etc.
Track Record and Experience *
Please describe at a high-level your track record and experience in running nodes, with a focus on Ethereum node running if available. Please provide evidence, preferably on-chain data if possible, especially if you are currently not live on resources such as rated.network. Please include additional commentary where required.
Overview of Staking Infrastructure *
Please provide a high-level overview of your staking infrastructure. This includes factors, including but not limited to: geographic diversity, client diversity, operational diversity (e.g. cloud providers), general options (e.g. 24/7 response times, etc.), high-level security and risk management procedures, etc.
Motivation for Applying for Verified Operator *
Please provide a general overview as to the underlying motivation for becoming a verified operator on Swell Network DAO.
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