London Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2012 - suggestions for papers, workshops and demonstrations
This form is to enable you to suggest a paper presentation, workshop or other activity which you would like to present and discuss during the London Citizen Cyberscience Summit, to be held 16 - 18 February, 2012.
We aim to cover a wide range of topics in citizen science, including both technical and societal aspects. Examples are:
- the use of sensors;
- applications of smartphones for data collection or in combination with external sensors;
- linking the Internet of Things (IoT) and Citizen Science – sensor networks to human sensors;
- motivations, incentives and engagement patterns;
- Citizen Science with indigenous and/or low-literacy communities;
- social science, ethnographic and anthropological aspects of Citizen Science and similar topics;
- DIY kits for citizen science;
- Appropriating available technologies and methods for citizen science
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