Nearpod Certified Educator Application
Join our community of passionate edtech enthusiasts who bring engaging technology into their classrooms, schools, and districts to improve teaching and learning.

Before applying to become a Nearpod Certified Educator(NCE):

1. Attend a live webinar, a self-paced webinar, or an in-person training
2. Create a lesson that follows our "best practices" lesson guide
3. Launch a Nearpod lesson to at least 15 students

Once you are ready to become an NCE, please set aside 10 minutes to fill out this application.

Background Information
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Years in Education
The first step toward certification is to attend a Nearpod webinar or workshop. If you have not yet attended a training, please sign up at
Training *
Which webinar or workshop did you attend?
The second step toward certification is to create an engaging Nearpod lesson according to the "best practices" NCE Lesson Guide, found at
Best Practices *
Did you apply the best practices described in the NCE Lesson Guidelines? If no, please revise your lesson before submitting it in the next quest.
Link of Lesson *
Please share the link of the Nearpod lesson you want our team to review. To do this, go to your lesson library > hover your cursor over the lesson you want to share > click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner > share > link > copy the link below
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The third and final step toward certification is to use Nearpod to engage at least 15 students. This can be all in one class with one Nearpod lesson, or over the course of a few classes with a few Nearpod lessons. We will check the account associated with your email address to verify this.
Have you launched a Nearpod lesson to at least 15 students? *
If your answer is "no", please wait to submit your application.
Nearpod Email
If you do not use your school email address for your Nearpod account, please share here the email you use with your Nearpod.
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Share the good news!
Once you become a Nearpod Certified Educator, if you'd like us to share the news with an administrator or a colleague, please write their email addresses below.
Email of Administrator or Colleague
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Testimonials and Stories
We like to feature testimonials and stories from our Nearpod Certified Educators in our communications and marketing materials. This helps us accurately represent Nearpod benefits and applications to others.
Describe a time in your classroom when you struggled with a problem, and explain how a specific Nearpod feature was able to solve that problem. *
Please illustrate your story with the "when, where, what, and how." It may be easier to write this on a separate document first, and then paste it in the space below.
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Now that you've written your story, do you give us permission to share it with others? *
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