Inclusion competence
This tool is a European project titled "Building up Chinese Teachers' Key Competences through a Global Competence-Based Framework". This project is co-funded by the European Commission. This questionnaire is anonymous and you will need 5 minutes to answer it. You will be re-addressed to a rubric after answering the questionnaire so as to know your current competence level. The results could be used for research purposes, but the anonymity will be always guaranteed since the data will be analysed globally. You accept that your results can be used to this end by answering this questionnaire.

If you want further information about the project and this tool, you can write to

Thank you for your participation.
With regard to identifying and giving support to students with learning, behavioural, emotional or social difficulties and gifted students, as well as to asking for advice to services and specialists to pay attention to the diversity of educational needs, I believe that my current competence level is: *
With regard to the establishment and development of goals, teaching and assessment strategies that take into consideration and giving an answer to the needs of students with different origins, abilities, interests, families and communities, I consider that my current competence level is: *
With regard to regulating the teaching action aiming to overcome those obstacles that hinder learning and to foster autonomous learning, I think that my current competence level is: *
With regard to valuing diversity as a natural fact which has to be positively integrated, developing strategies that prevent exclusion and discrimination from happening, and provide equal opportunities to all students, I perceive that my current competence level is: *
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