Dog House Mr Puppy UK 2020 Contest
This is the online registration form for the Dog House Mr Puppy UK 2020 Contest, held on Saturday 9 November 2019 at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London.

All contestants are invited to use this form to register. The details will be sent to the Mr Puppy Team.

Registration is not confirmation of participation. This is your application to join the contest - it's your way of telling us you'd like to join. Once the application period is closed, we'll look over all the applications and allocate contest places.

As much as we'd love to include everyone, we have to limit contestant numbers to what we can reasonably manage in the time we've got. If we receive more applications than there are places in the contest, then we may have to make a decision on that. We love you all, and we'll do our best to include as many of you as we can!

Order of registration is not considered. It's not first-come-first-served. We'll review all registrations fairly and equally when the registration period closes.
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Contestant Registration
This form will allow you to send in your registration details to compete in the Mr Puppy UK 2020 Contest. Once you have done so, our team will review your application and you will be contacted if you are given a place in the contest.
Personal Information
Please tell us some basic information about yourself. We will not use your real name at any time during the contest: only your pup name will be used. You will be asked to produce government-issued identification (e.g. national identity card, driver's licence, or passport) to verify your identity and age.

All contestants must be aged 18 and above as of 1 January 2019, and lawfully resident in the United Kingdom, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. You do not need to hold British nationality, you need only live in the UK.
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Real Name *
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What type of pup do you identify as?
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Current or past kink and fetish titles, if any?
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Where do you live? (City) *
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Which city or area do you wish to represent? *
This doesn't affect your participation in the contest, it's just for fun.
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Date of Birth *
Contact Info & Social Media
Please provide us a way to keep in touch with you.

This information will not be distributed and is for the use of the Team only. It will not be provided to the judges or the other members of the organising team. The Team may contact you by any of the contact details you provide.

The content of your social media, current and past, is not evaluated in any way, and judges will not be assessing your social media content at any point during the contest.
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As part of the contest, you will be interviewed by our panel of judges. The interview is private, doesn't happen on stage, and happens separately to the contest. Nobody but you and the judges will be present.

The interview is informal. You don't need to be geared or dressed in any particular way. It's a chance for our judges to get to know you.
Stage Presentation and Performance
During some parts of the contest, you will be asked to remove any hood or mask and to address the audience directly, showing your face publicly.

When you are invited to do a Presentation and speak to the audience, you must do this without a hood or mask, so that the audience may hear you clearly and see your face.

When you are invited to do a Performance and perform a brief act on stage of anything of your choice, you may do this in whatever fetish gear you wish to wear.
Tell us about your involvement in the Pup community *
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Your Thoughts and Feelings
Tell us here about why you've decided to join our contest. There are no right answers - this information will be shared with our panel of judges to help them get to know you better prior to the contest, and to help them ask the right questions of you during the contest.
Tell us why you would like to become Mr Puppy UK 2020 *
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Describe for us what you feel the role of a Mr Puppy title holder should be *
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Excluding the title and any prizes, what would you most like to get out of your experience in joining the contest? *
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What is your one best quality that you'd like the judges particularly to look out for? *
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Your Vision
Tell us about your vision for the Mr Puppy UK title. What would you do with it? What sort of a title holder would you be? And where would you take the title, if you were to be elected?
What areas of community service would you prioritise focusing on as a title holder? *
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Which relevant events in 2020 would you prioritise attending as a title holder? *
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What would you most like to accomplish as Mr Puppy UK? *
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Tell us something about yourself that you would like the judges to know *
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Application Video
As part of your application, we're asking contestants to make and submit a short video introducing yourself. You don't need to do this now - you can register first, and then send in your video later.

Your application video should be about two minutes long. You can upload it to YouTube if you like and send us the link, or you can send us the video file directly to

In this video, please introduce yourself: tell us who you are, tell us that you'd like to become Mr Puppy UK 2020, and talk about the community project you'd like to undertake should you get the title. Make the project the focus of the video, as if you're presenting it to a gathering of pups and friends. Imagine that it'll be shown during the contest, and film it accordingly.

Talk about what the project you propose will be, and why it's important to you. Talk about how you feel it would be of benefit to the community, and why you think it would be a great thing for pups to support. You can go into detail about how you will execute it if you like, but you don't have to: the video is intended as an introduction.

You can be geared up if you like. If you're wearing a hood or mask, make sure your voice or any audio can be heard nice and clearly, as sometimes audio from within a mask can sound muffled. You can do a voiceover, or you can speak directly for the camera, whatever you feel appropriate.

We'd like to be able to share your videos with social media as part of the pre-contest publicity. They're a great way to build support and encourage people to come and cheer you on during the contest, and they're also a great way to generate interest in your community project and what you'd like to achieve.
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