Emergency Situation Impact Survey
In an effort to assist planning and support to the Adult Education field in Calfornia, the Adult Education Office at CDE, is asking for your participation to complete this survey as soon as possible. Contact your CDE consultant for additional information https://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ae/po/directory.asp
Please provide your Agency Name and associated School District or Community College campus (as applicable) *
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Has your agency instituted any delay in operations or interruption of instruction? *
Do you anticipate administrative disruptions that would impact any WIOA April deliverables? *
If you answered Other in the above question, please provide a short explanation.
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Have you or do you plan to implement any remote learning options for students? *
If you are providing remote/distance learning, what curriculum, software, mobile apps or other tools, would you list them below.
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Please let us know any suggestions that we can initiate that will ease your planning and support during this period.
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