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I, ___________________________________ (caregiver name), understand that the music program staff are not trained medical professionals and give permission for my child, ___________________________________ (child's name) to be transported and treated by emergency medical personnel if I cannot be reached in the even of illness or injury
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Each summer we spend the first few weeks planning for an annual concert (planned for Thursday August 1st, 2019) that includes music, dance, drama, poetry, food, and lots of fun! It is very important that campers have good attendance so that we can plan, create and prepare for this special event. We will have an opportunity to meet and interview local musicians. Parent with talents and no talents are welcome to contribute and volunteer their time during camp and the annual performance. We will also perform at local nursing homes and community centers in the neighborhood. Space for camp is limited, but we will develop a waiting list. It is preferred that participants attend camp for all 4 weeks, but please indicate if you are not able to attend one of the weeks, so we may make that space available for another camper. Please check the weeks your child(ren) plan to attend
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