Honey's Anime's Game of the Year 2017 Poll
We are conducting our very first GOTY poll on Honey's Anime which is inspired by our gaming crew, Honey's Gaming!

To participate in this poll please answer as many questions as you can. You may submit up to 2 games per nomination/section and we kindly ask that you spell titles correctly in English, please! We also ask for serious participants as to make things smoother on our end. The games being submitted MUST have been released in the year of 2017 and DLCs, Expansions, CBTs, Alphas, etc., are not to be included. If included, they will be overlooked.

Submissions will start on Nov 30, 2017 and will end Dec 14, 2017! From there, the voting stage of the poll will begin and will include 5 of the most mentioned titles where you can select up to 3 nominations for each category.

There are a total of 22 categories and they are as follows:
Best PC/Steam Title
Best PlayStation Title
Best Xbox Title
Best Nintendo Title
Best System/Platform
Best Game Direction
Best Narrative
Best Developer/Studio
Best Indie Title
Best VR Title
Best Handheld/Mobile Title
Best Game of the Year
Best New IP
Best Platformer Game
Best RPG
Best Puzzler Game
Best Shooter Game
Best Action Game
Best Fighting Game
Most Difficult Game
Best Sports Game
Most Anticipated Game of 2018

We hope you all have fun with this and we look forward to seeing what you think is the best for 2017 in gaming! You do not need to answer EVERY category but if you can, it is much appreciated!

Do not forget to share this poll with all your gaming buddies

Have Fun and Happy Holidays! ^_^

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