Powertel Communications wishes to engage distributors/agents for all its product lines. We are conducting a market consultation whereby prospective distributors should provide the requested information, which will be used to select distributors/agents for Powertel products. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for the purpose of market consultation only. Please help us to know and evaluate you better by taking a few moments to fill out this survey form.
1. Organization Type *
2. Ownership Structure *
3. In which sector does your organisation belong *
4. Is your organisation registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) *
5. For how long has the organisation been registered ( Number of Years) *
6. Are you currently a representative, dealer, or distributor of any other products or industries? *
7. What is the approximate volume of business revenues collected or made by your organisation annually (Sales and/or Annual revenues)? *
8. What Market Segments do you work with & the respective customer base? *
9. What is your distribution strategy (tick the applicable where multiple options exist): *
10. How many distribution touch points in total do you have? *
11. In which areas do you have physical distribution touch points: *
12. Of the areas indicated above, kindly indicate their (urban/rural) distribution *
13. Kindly indicate which of the following Powertel Products you would want to distribute? (Note multiple options are available) *
14. If you have included Option to distribute Prepaid Electricity, do you have the supporting server hardware OR are you able to invest in the required hardware? *
15. Kindly indicate the commission levels that you would expect? *
16. How much are you willing to invest in distribution of the product(s) you selected above? *
17. What was your average bank balance in the last three months (ZWL$)? *
18. Any other suggestions concerning distribution agreements *
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