Artist Staff Application DenFur 2020
Thank you for your interest in Artist staffing for DenFur 2020! This application is only for artist positions. You may also apply for at-con in-person work such as dealers den, art show, theme, or artist alley. If you wish to do this, please fill out a regular staff form as well. Please provide all the information below and double check for accuracy. As a staff artist, you will be asked to work pre-con on assets to be used before, during, and after the convention takes place. This includes but is not limited to: badge art, banners, posters, and promo art. In exchange for your work, you will receive free registration with staff badge, lanyard, access to the staff lounge at con and eligibility to get a staff room spot at a discounted rate. Completing additional work may make you eligible for a free dealers den space at a value of $200. These spaces are limited and are given out on a "first done, first served" basis. Please ensure you fill out a Dealer's application if this is your intention.

Please fill out all the information correctly following directions and reading a form is part of being on staff.
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How we will use your art:
Your art will be used by Corgi Events LLC. You are encouraged to add a signature or watermark to your pieces as we do not have room/ability to credit on individual Twitter posts. The art you submit for the con may not be shared on any personal social media without permission from the either the Creative Director or the Art Board member. We will advertise your pieces through the pre-con and throughout con time via promotional posts, as well as the con book. By staffing with us you agree to this methodology.
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