Using Blood Wisely
The data collected with the Using Blood Wisely Red Blood Cell Transfusion Audit Tool will provide insight regarding red blood cell transfusion practices at your site and will identify how your hospital compares against the Using Blood Wisely benchmarks. There are multiple ways to evaluate the appropriateness of RBC transfusions at your hospital. The Using Blood Wisely audit tool will allow you to measure two indicators: 1. Percentage of single unit transfusions 2. Percentage of inpatient RBC transfusions with a restrictive transfusion threshold.

This form is intended for use by hospitals in Québec. If your hospital reports data via the Canadian Blood Services Hospital Portal, please report your Using Blood Wisely data there ( If you are not a Québec hospital but would like to use the form, please contact us at If you need assistance in answering any of the questions in the survey, please refer to this User Guide (
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Total number of inpatient transfusions during the audit period. *
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