FELOH Selling Partnership
Thank you for your interest in partnering with FELOH. Below is a recap of our business model along with a few questions to help us best categorize your product offerings.

Listing Fee:
-$10 / month after your first sale

Selling Operations:
-Must be able to fulfill orders within 2 business days

VIF or Influencer Program:
-This program is designed to get your products in the hands of our top users who are dedicated to creating content and spreading the word on your amazing products. If you choose to participate, you must be willing to sponsor (fulfill and ship for free) up to 3 product units per month to our verified influencers (or "VIF" users).  

Commission Structure:
Commission is based on your suggested retail price.  Your commission fee is determined by a few factors: years in business, socially driven business model, and participation in our influencer program.  Please see the below chart regarding commission structure.

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FELOH Commission Structure
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Would you like to opt into our influencer program? ***We recommend participation given the following benefits: Lower commission rate, influencers tasked with creating genuine content around your product, sponsored product listed on featured page, brand awareness in the FELOH social sphere. *
If you plan to participate in the influencer program, please share the link to the item you would like to first feature. (A link to the product's page on your website)
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