PACK Sanctuary Adoption Family Application 巴克領養家庭申請書
Thanks for choosing to adopt a dog that needs a home. All PACK adoptable dogs have passed assessment and went through basic training. In order to find you the right match, let us know more about you, your expectations, experiences and lifestyle. It's an important part of a successful adoption.

Where did I get this foster application link? 我從哪邊得知這個中途申請連結? *
Name 姓名 *
Phone number 聯絡電話 *
Email *
Home address 地址 *
Preferred language 方便溝通的語言 *
Description if needed. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum.
The last time I had a dog was 我最近一次養狗狗是在 : *
My dog needs to get along with..... 我希望我的狗可以跟他們和平相處 *
Now I have 現在我有養 : *
My experience with dogs 我的養狗經驗 : *
My neighborhood is 我所居住的區域: *
My social life style 我的社交生活: *
I live in 我住在: *
My dog needs to be able to be alone (per day) 狗狗會單獨在家的時間: *
I have experienced with training dog on 我有以下訓練狗狗的經驗: *
How many people in your household willing to help? 家裡有其他人會幫忙照顧狗狗嗎?
When I am at home, I want my dog to be by my side...... 我在家時,我希望我的狗狗......
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I want my dog to be the type that is very enthusiastic about showing love to people. 我希望我的狗狗的親人程度......
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I want my dog to be...... 我希望我的狗狗的活潑程度......
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I am comfortable with some basic training for the dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on the leash. 如果狗狗尚需要一些基本訓練,如撲人、偷吃東西、拉扯牽繩,我覺得......
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It's important to me that my dog..... 對我來說最重要的是....... *
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