BCTEA Student Handbook Acknowledgment
A copy of the Gene A. Buinger Career & Technical Education Academy's Student Handbook is located at http://bit.ly/BuingerHandbook
I have read and understand the information provided in this handbook.  I further agree to follow the rules and regulations as described in this handbook.
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I understand that driving to the BCTEA is a privilege and can be revoked for persistent parking/driving violations *
I understand that riding the shuttle buses to the BCTEA is a privilege and can be revoked for persistent misbehavior and refusal to comply with the authority figure on the bus - a.k.a. the bus driver (who does not get paid enough to deal with my foolish choices.) *
I understand that if I fail to comply with my teacher's classroom phone policy and my phone is taken up by the authority in the classroom a.k.a.the teacher (who is trying to help me be employable) and turned into the office, then I may not necessarily get my phone back that day and may have to return to the BCTEA by 4:30pm - which is kinda hard to do if I ride the bus!!! And if my phone is turned into the office for a second time, that I will owe $15 to get it back.  And if I am hard headed and it is taken up a third time, my phone will only be released to my guardian for $15.  If it is taken up a FOURTH time, then I guess I cannot learn things the easy way and I will go to AEP (for which there is no bus) for persistent misbehavior. *
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