Parent Survey 2019
Revere Public Schools Parent Survey
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1. My child(ren) attend (check all that apply):
2. My child(ren) are in grades (check all that apply):
3. My child’s school is a family-friendly place that welcomes all families.
4. I know who to contact at my child’s school when I have questions or concerns.
5. I feel that my questions and concerns are listened to by my child’s teachers.
6. My child’s teachers help me to understand what my child is learning at school.
7. The ratings on my child's report card help me understand how my child is doing in school.
8. Please provide any additional comments regarding your child's report card.
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9. I feel that my questions and concerns are listened to by my child’s principal.
10. My child’s school has helped me learn about how to be involved in the school community.
11. I have been made aware of parent workshop opportunities through school notices, phone calls, email, or via Remind101/Class Dojo.
12. I have attended the following school or district-wide events (check all that apply):
13. I would like more information about (check all that apply):
14. What else would you like more information about?
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15. Check all the times that would be convenient to you to attend programs for parents.
16. Check off the times you would need child care in order to attend a meeting.
17. Do you need parent workshop materials (handouts, evaluations, etc.) translated?
18. If you answered yes to the question above, please indicate your primary language.
19. What feedback would you like to give the school department?
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