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Greenheat System will reduce your bills thanks to the latest generation of heating devices, which are both powerful and silent computers that may be used, among others, in digging cryptocurrencies.

We are using this survey to constantly improve the products we are creating. Thank You for your help!
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1. Name *
2. Would you be interested in a heating device, which is a very efficient computer and at the same time allows you to mine cryptocurrencies? which results in high temperature spreading to heat up the apartment or water? *
3. What is the type of building you live in? *
4. What is approximate usable area (m2) of your house / flat? *
5. How old is the building you live in? *
6. Do you use any type of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity? *
7. What type of interior heating do you use at your home or apartment? *
8. How do you heat water at your home or apartment and the swimming pool (if you have one)? *
9. What problems do you have with interior heating & water at your home / apartment or swimming pool? *
10. How much do you spend on electricity per month on average? (PLN / EUR / USD) *
11. How much do you spend monthly on HEATING WATER at your home / flat? (PLN / EUR / USD) *
12. What are your average annual expenses for HEATING the house / flat? (PLN / EUR / USD) *
13. Lowering which operating cost would you be most interested in? *
14. What factors would be crucial for you to consider changing the existing interior heating system and / or water heating system?
15. Do you use any forms of investing cash with an investment risk?
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16. What is your attitude to investing in cryptocurrencies?
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17. Please choose the most attractive version of the heating device (FUNCTIONALITY & DESIGN)
Below are the available versions of the Greenheat System product:
A. Mobile radiator/heater (the ability to install the device anywhere)
B. Heater with a TV holder (media center)
C. Boiler - heating water (at home and in the pool)
Which product version would be the most interesting/exciting for you? *
18. Do you have additional comments, questions, comments? Please share with us!
Thank you for completing the survey! Soon we'll contact you and we will offer a heating solution suitable for you!
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