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Thank you for applying to be a volunteer for the VAC. In order to honor our commitment to God and the role He has indicated we should take in our community, and to be good stewards of the ministry He has appointed us to; we are required by reason and logic to ensure that all our volunteers are followers of Jesus, regular church attenders and share the same goals and beliefs.  

The VAC does not accept single event volunteers except in very rare cases, we need you to be a regular volunteer who is available for a majority of VAC events throughout the year. This ensures we can plan ahead and that our volunteers are well trained over time.

Please fill out this form fully.
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Are you a born-again Christ follower?   *
How long have you been a Christian? *
What Church do you attend regularly? *
How long have you been attending your church regularly? *
Do you agree with ALL the tenants of our mission statement? Please read it here: *
Do you affirm the Apostles' Creed and the Nicaean Creed? Please find them at the bottom of this page (same as above): *
To be good stewards of this ministry, we are required to ensure that all our volunteers hold and continue to hold the same goals and are in agreement with and believe in the creeds. Thus, should your answers change over time, and you find yourself NOT agreeing with the VAC's goals and our statement of faith, we require you to immediately let the leadership know and to step down from your role as a volunteer.  As such, do you affirm that if your views or beliefs should ever change such that you disagree with our mission or the creeds, you will immediately resign your position? *
We will require two Character references to ensure we are being good stewards of our ministry. Please provide both references here with a) full name, b) email addresses, c) how you know them and d) in what capacity you've worked with them. *
If you are selected, do you commit to volunteering at VAC events on a regular basis? *
How long have you been attending VAC events regularly? (If you are in Idaho, you can skip this).
Here are some other areas we can use help in. Please pick the ones you have skills in or the desire to serve in. Critical immediate needs have a * *
Are there other areas that you have skills in, that you think you could help the VAC with? Please let us know below. *
Do you have other ideas for the VAC? *
Thank you for filling out this form. We will contact your references and will arrange a meeting with you in order to determine if there is a role for you as a VAC Volunteer.
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