LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Patient & Staff Experience
In October 2018 we launched: rainbow lanyards & badges; gender & sexual diversities training/workshops; listening tables; online resources; posters; a programme of social media campaigns. Why? To improve the experiences of patients and staff at BSUH NHS Trust (a service & operational objective). We wanted to address LGBTQ+ inclusion for allies, LGBTQ+ people, the local community and other stakeholders. The exclusion of LGBTQ+ people demonstrably contributes to health inequalities & low wellbeing at work. This is the second request for your views - we need to continually assess our programmes in stages so we can progress. All your responses are anonymous, can't be traced and comments will only be used to inform better practice and research. I want to thank you for your time and support for an inclusive culture across hospital services. Olivia King, BSUH Equality Advisor.
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Inclusion Programmes: Get the Knowledge
Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are forms of discrimination directed at those who are or are thought to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people and their friends, families and allies. Examples include slurs, hurtful and demeaning language, hurtful 'jokes', denying care/help/training/jobs/progression/service because of a persons sexual orientation and/or gender identity, isolating/excluding someone, repeatedly making LGBT justify their humanity and who they are as people, expecting LGBT people to all be the same. Contact for guidance & information.
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