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A DELAMAN archive is a trusted digital repository created and maintained by an institution with a demonstrated commitment to permanence and the long-term preservation of archived resources with suitable rights management practices to allow access to as much of its collection as possible. It focuses on languages and musics for which there is little recorded material, particularly (but not restricted to) endangered cultures. It holds primary data and may also hold other kinds of information (like secondary analyses, transcripts and so on).

DELAMAN membership is open to any organisation that is actively engaged in digital archiving and preservation of materials from endangered languages and cultures. To join DELAMAN as a member archive (either FULL or ASSOCIATE), please use this form to submit the required information. This form should also be used for re-evaluation of an existing DELAMAN member archive.

FULL (voting) member archives have met all membership criteria (please consult the DELAMAN constitution appendix: and may cast votes for Board members.

ASSOCIATE (non-voting) member archives are organisations who are either in the process of establishing such an archive and who may, in time, be eligible for full membership, or are established archives that are not seeking full (voting) membership. ASSOCIATE Members must complete a 3-year probationary period before applying for FULL membership. FULL Members may self-nominate to move to ASSOCIATE status.

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