Strollercize's Stroller Driver Test
If you need a License to Drive a Car, A Bus, A Boat, Motorcycle, A Truck or any four wheel thing, you should have a License to drive a Stroller Safe!
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The Rain Cover is also good for what? *
Fill In The Blank. Where do you stand when pushing a stroller across a busy street? _________the stroller when crossing the street? *
Did you practice driving your stroller before you put your passenger in for the first "Wheel" drive. *
Do you always buckle up your passenger into the stroller? *
Does your Stroller have reflective tape on it so it is easy to see at night? *
If NOT, does it have lights?
Do you put a heavy diaper bag on the handle bar of your stroller? *
Should you text while driving your stroller? *
What is the best way to take a stroller into an elevator? *
When doing a curb with a stroller, how do you approach it? *
Check Off Below What can cause a stroller to tip? *
Do you always lock your stroller when you take your hands OFF? *
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