Survey - Focus Group on Aging Adults
The City of Buda organized a focus group to discuss issues impacting older adults and their family caregivers. This discussion helped the City of Buda assess the state of current programs and services and better prepare for the future needs of an expanding population of older adults in Buda.

Please complete the survey below to help prioritize critical issues and needs addressed in the meeting. Your input will contribute greatly towards the next steps in the City of Buda’s community planning process.

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In your opinion, what are the most pressing concerns for individuals and their family members as they age?
What do you think prevents older adults from getting services they need?
How do people in need access these services? Please tell us where they go or who they call in your area?
Are there any other types of services you wish to see offered to aging adults or their caregivers?
Please list any other important information you wish to address below.
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