Cloud, Analytics and Big Data Masterclasses

A decade back, getting a job in some industry needed ms-word, excel and little database management skills. Today, these skills are taken for granted and default requirements. If you are a student, a job seeker or in the job already, you need skills in the areas of Cloud, Analytic and emerging Big Data to remain relevant now to be in a better position later. For small business owners or business owners in general, these themes are going to redefine business is conducted and managed.

Prime has been working on these areas with national and international partners along with Wordsmith University. You shall be trained through Masterclasses where teachers will teach you from various geographies as well as in person. Training takes place in our Corporate office below and in the for Webiners:

DL-124, 1st Floor, Salt Lake, Sector – II, Kolkata – 700091

The webinar below is the editorial distillation of research, collaboration with domain experts (one such expert is co-presenter) critical analysis ( hype vs actuality), field data and models proven to be successful for SMEs in handling the opportunities arising out of these developments. The research is found to be useful for us and we thought of sharing this with the domestic and international community.

Click on the below link for more details on the Webiner:

This is not ordinary training. The teachers are not simply trainers. They are business owners actively working in this area and you will have practical, industry experience. This is a career enabler.

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