NYC Dine11 - Volunteer Driver Form
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Our driver protocols:
1. Please wear a mask and gloves at all times - let us know if you do not have your own.
2. Your car should be clean inside, with the trunk and backseat cleared out.
3. No personal belongings should be near the food.
4. Practice social distancing as best as possible.
5. Call the contact person at each point - they should be able to come and meet you to bring the food out (at the restaurant), and to take the food from your car (at the hospital).
6. Please take pictures with your phone during the P/U and D/O with the food and the worker in the shot (if possible), and then send them to us. (We have a sign we will email to be included in the shot).
7. Please follow us at @dineoneonenyc on Instagram and help spread the good word!

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