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Before proceeding please read our requirements that is available on our website.
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It is important that each dog has their own form. Please use one form for each dog if you own more than one.
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Whether daycare or boarding, your dog(s) must meet the minimum vaccination as listed in our Dog Meadow Requirements. If you do not know what those requirements are, please go back to our requirements page. By completing the form you agree that you have read and understand the requirements.
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Dog's Name *
Age (must be 12 months or older) *
Your dog must be at least 12 months of age and housebroken (no exceptions). Please use decimal points to indicate months.
Weight (lbs)
Breed *
If it is a mixed breed please state HIGHEST PERCENTAGE breed.
Sex *
Spayed/Neutered *
All dogs MUST be neutered or spayed. Dog Meadow does accept dogs that are intact. (No Exceptions)
Veterinarian's Name *
Please make sure that the vet you provide has ALL current information on your dog.
Veterinarian's Phone Number *
Your vet will be a reference and will be contacted to confirm up-to-date vaccinations. Some vets require permission to release information. Therefore, we appreciate you reaching out to your vet and provide permission for Dog Meadow to discuss any health issues that your dog might have. Please read the vaccination requirements on our website.
My dog knows the following commands:
It’s okay for my dog to have his or her food occasionally decorated with healthy toppings *
It's okay for my dog to have one or two dog treats per day *
You will be asked to bring your dog's food along with written feeding instructions for overnight stays. If your dog runs out of food may we supplement with the IAMS® Lamb and Rice? *
Please read our terms and conditions on our website with regard to feeding time and treats.
I regularly brush my dog’s teeth and am leaving tooth-brushing materials with him/her
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My dog routinely gets chilled and often wears sweater at home or jacket outside
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My dog takes the following medicine:
If any, please provide medications labeled with your dog's name.
Has your dog shown any aggression with food? *
Please answer Yes or No. If answer is Yes, please explain.
Has your dog shown any aggression with people? *
Please answer Yes or No. If answer is Yes, please explain.
Has your dog shown any aggression with other dogs? *
Please answer Yes or No. If answer is Yes, please explain.
Is your dog routinely muzzled at the groomer or vet clinic? *
Please answer Yes or No. If answer is Yes, please explain.
Does your dog have experience with daycare, play groups or dog parks? Please describe frequency and type. *
Dog Meadow is a cageless, open environment. Having prior social experience is important at Dog Meadow.
Has your dog been boarded? What kind of experience have they had with boarding? *
How does your dog react with familiar people? *
How does your dog react with strangers? *
Please describe energy of dog on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest energy) *
Has your dog jumped, or is it possible that your dog would jump a fence? *
Our fence is secure and is 5 ft. high. However, certain athletic dogs are capable of scaling fences as high as 10 ft. if inclined to do so.
Is your dog afraid of thunder or fireworks? If so, how does he react?
Does your dog have separation anxiety when there are no people in the room or house? If so, how does he exhibit this? Or is he destructive when you leave him alone and you're not sure if he's anxious or just bored? Please explain. (Please be thorough.) *
Is your dog accustomed to a crate? *
Please explain. We DO NOT keep dogs in crates. At times, for the safety of the dogs, there are temporary situations where it might be necessary to crate a dog. For instance: safety, separation for feeding, injury to a dog, transportation, home sickness.
Where does your dog sleep? *
Are you a resident of the Town of Washington, NY? *
Dog Meadow is located in the Town of Washington, NY. The town requires that your dog be licensed. Proof of license sent via email is required prior to staying at Dog Meadow. The town will be contacted to confirm.
This is important. Please provide any additional information. (Please be thorough.) *
We want to make your dog's stay at Dog Meadow as comfortable as possible so any additional information that you can provide would be appreciated. Every dog has a very unique personality and background. Since we take very few dogs, we can accommodate each dog's tendencies, but it is so helpful to have some background information. If there are any issues or habits that your dog has, it is helpful for us to know. This could include particular objects that he seeks out to play with, obsessions, digging, housebreaking accidents, chewing habits, favorite games, phobias, etc.
How did you hear about Dog Meadow *
If recommended by someone please indicate in "Other"
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By completing this form you agree that you have read and understand Dog Meadow's Vaccination Requirements and Terms and Conditions as listed on our website. If you have not read them please do before submitting this form.
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You should read the final instructions after the "Thank you." Don't just check the box.
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** Final instructions**

** WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU with sales calls and pitches. Therefore, after filling out the form, you should contact us when you are ready to book a stay at ( <--- click on the link ) or call us at 914-907-2213 for availability and to discuss any questions you may have.

** To ensure you receive emails from us, please add to your approved senders list. Otherwise, if you haven't heard from us, check your spam folder.

** If needed, please call your vet and give them permission to discuss medical records with Dog Meadow.

** We are so happy that you would like your dog to stay with us at Dog Meadow!

** We look forward to having your loved dog with us. While we are probably playing with the dogs we will review the application.

Dog Meadow is for all types of well-socialized dogs. All dogs require a confirmed booking. We do not accept walk-ins. All reservations/bookings must be made via email and confirmed via email. If you do not have an email that confirms a reservation for specific dates, then you do not have a reservation.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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