Singletrack Club 2019-2020 Club Race signup
This will cover MiniXC's, Reverse Enduro and any other club races we might do
NOTE: If you fill this in after 2 pm on the day of a race we won't see it until after the race.
Conditions of participation

- I am aware there will be no first aid on site
- I will correctly wear an appropriate helmet and enclosed footwear
- My bike is in good working order with functional front and rear brakes
- My handlebar ends are plugged, with no sharp edges.
- I will not behave in an anti-sporting manner
- I ride at my own risk and I exempt the club, organisers and land owners from all liability for damage that may occur to me or my property.
- I will not ride beyond my skill level
- I will choose a category appropriate to my fitness and speed level
- I consent to photos and/or video of me at the event being used for promotional purposes by the Christchurch Singletrack Club
- I consent to my name and recorded times being listed in the results
I agree with the conditions of participation *
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Last Name *
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Email *
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Expected Race Grade
Refer to website for more information - you can change at a later date but please advise registration if you do
I am *
Age Category *
We will use this for producing the results in a secondary format if possible. Age is at 31 December 2019.
If I get hurt and require medical attention, please let this person know:
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Their phone number is
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Please comment below with anything else we should know, such as relevant medical conditions
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